case studies

Zhejiang Zhongxin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. – Wujiang, China

BioFishency SPB™ helps Chinese RAS development provider save 80% in customers’ water usage, with higher quality of discharged, recyclable water, and exceptionally small footprint

Suzhou Blue Town Travel Co., Ltd. – Wujiang, Jiangsu, China

High-density aquaculture systems provider increases customer’s annual yield by 10X and eliminates off-flavoring with BioFishency SPB-based RAS unit

Xinjiang Xinken Modern Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. – Xinjiang, China

BioFishency SPB™ enables one of China’s state-owned advanced agriculture facility providers to dramatically reduce customer’s water costs for daily production by 60%

Greentown, Hangzhou, China

Largest property developer in China’s Zhejiang Province significantly increases customers’ RAS fish farm productivity and profitability with BioFishency SPB™

Eafin Aquatech, Pinghu, China

Leading Chinese intensive grow-out systems provider boosts production yield by 50% and accelerates time-to-market with BioFishency SPB™

China-Israel Agriculture and Technology Town,

Shijiazhuang, China

Joint China-Israel aquaculture project yields impressive results with BioFishency SPB™ RAS 400 and RAS 180 water treatment systems

organi green

netanya, israel

Powering sustainability and delivering healthier, organically-grown fish with BioFishency’s SPB™ RAS 180.

blaid farm

abuja, nigeria

How leading Nigerian fish farm successfully grows and markets 20 tons of Tilapia per year with BioFishency’s RAS 400