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BioFishency’s co-founders, Cobi Levanon and Igal Magen, have worked in the global aquaculture industry for more than two decades. Their experience spans establishing and managing fish farms, overseeing and managing projects, and consulting to government agencies and private companies about aquaculture and related systems.

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Site analysis
BioFishency will provide guidelines for site identification. BioFishency will send a technical team to evaluate site conditions and gather information needed to determine the suitability site
Feasibility study/business plan
Based on the relevant site analysis data, the BioFishency team will suggest several possible models appropriate for the specific site.
Detailed engineering design
Schematic illustrations and drawings of the proposed final installation.
Equipment specifications
Detailed documentation of required equipment based on fish type, maximum density, annual production, water consumption, area needed, water quality, and more.


The Trendlines Group
An innovation commercialization company that invents, discovers, invests in, and incubates innovation-based medical and agricultural technologies to fulfil its mission to enhance the human condition. Intensely hands-on investors, Trendlines is involved in all aspects of its portfolio companies, from technology development to business building. Trendlines is traded on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX: 42T), and in the US, as an American Depositary Receipt (ADR) on OTCQX International (OTCQX: TRNLY).
As a global investment fund based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Aqua-Spark invests in sustainable aquaculture companies to generate return on investment, and foster a positive social and environmental impact. Funding supports small to mid-size organizations that are working towards the delivery of safe, accessible aquatic life, including fish, shellfish, and plants via sustainable processes.
Zemach Feed Mill is one of the largest animal feed producers in Israel, with an annual production of over 250 K MT. Established over 50 years ago, the company is the most diverse feed company in Israel, producing feed products for a variety of animals, including broilers, turkeys, layers, cows and sheep (dairy and meat), fish, and household pets.
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As the largest mariculture company in Israel, Ardag grows fish from brood stock, through fingerlings and farming, to wholesale, at its fish farms in Ashdod and Michmoret, and its commercial hatchery in Eilat. Producing several species of marine fish, Ardag boasts a genetic program for seabream, and promotes innovation in the domestication of marine species. Ardag co-owns Israel’s Caviar Galilee farm that exports the globally-acclaimed Karat Caviar brand.
Technion logo
Founded in Haifa, Israel, in 1901, The Technion is a science and technology research university, among the world’s top ten, dedicated to the creation of knowledge and the development of human capital and leadership. Technion graduates, researchers, professors, and students have played pivotal roles in the enrichment of knowledge and the human condition on both local and global scales, accounting for more than 50% of the startup founders in Israel’s wildly successful high-tech sector, and at least 50% of the nation’s engineers.

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