Shijiazhuang, China

China-Israel Agriculture and Technology Town,

Shijiazhuang, China



The “Sino-Israel Agricultural Town” is located in Shijiazhuang, the capital and main economic center of North China’s Hebei Province, ~250 km from Beijing. Sino-Israel, a collaborative effort, was initiated by Israel-based Dagan Agricultural Automation, and jointly established with the Hebei Tourism Group. A comprehensive industrial project, the town integrates several industries, including an innovative greenhouse, agricultural product processing facility, and aquaculture, combined with local tourism and cultural services.



In search of a reliable water treatment solution to support their fish farms, Sino-Israel’s local management team turned to Israel-based companies for assistance. It was essential that they implement a sustainable and profitable system that would result in healthier, better quality seafood products. As the project was geared towards tourism and that the aquaculture facility would be open to the public, it was equally important that the system be attractive and intriguing for tourists visiting the town.


After scanning the market for a viable solution, they were introduced to BioFishency, and were ‘sold’ from the start. Moreover, for BioFishency, the project was of particular interest as part of a larger effort to promote pioneering Israeli technology in China.



Following an in-depth analysis of the town’s water supply and deployment, BioFishency skillfully designed, delivered and installed a custom-tailored nursery Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), BioFishency SPB™ RAS 400 and two RAS 180 water treatment systems. All three systems were implemented to breed and grow two prestigious types of fish, Ornamental Koi and Chinese Perch, enhancing the health of the fish and their market value, in addition to significant cost and resource savings for Sino-Israel.

Designed to render RAS systems more sustainable, more profitable, and more optimized, BioFishency’s water treatment systems provided Sino-Israel with a fully-controlled water treatment solution that resulted in a highly-sustainable project, and increased CAPEX and OPEX.


As BioFishency’s first RAS turnkey installation in China, establishing and maintaining a close working relationship with Sino-Israel resulted in an impressive showcase for BioFishency’s water treatment solutions. Additional partnerships are now underway with local contractors who plan to use BioFishency systems other projects.

Joint China-Israel aquaculture project yields impressive results with BioFishency SPB™ RAS 400 and RAS 180 water treatment systems.

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