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Located in Pinghu, in the Zhejiang Province, China, Eafin Aquatic Technology Co. Ltd. (Eafin), provides a host of regional customers with dedicated Aquaculture project analysis, planning, and system installation. Eafin customers include land-based fish farms that predominantly grow California Perch, Yellowhead Catfish, and giant freshwater Prawn.



To meet customers’ needs, Eafin consistently strives to deliver intensive grow-out systems, that in turn, help their end-customers to increase fish survival rate, lower their carbon footprint, and save on valuable water resources and operational costs, to drive sustainable and profitable processes. The team at Eafin, led by Project Manager, Zhang Wei, faced several challenges with their currently deployed water treatment systems, namely, that they were exceedingly complex and costly to operate and maintain.

To enhance their solutions offering, Eafin sought after a newer, more advanced water treatment system to better support their customers’ land-based fish farms, and yield healthier, better-quality products. Wei and his team were introduced to BioFishency China, the company’s subsidiary located in Changzhou, and shown a demo of BioFishency SPB™, an innovative and highly-sustainable, single-pass water biofiltering system. After seeing BioFishency SPB in action, and closely evaluating the system, Eafin added BioFishency SPB to their solutions portfolio.



BioFishency SPB proved to be a simple plug and play biofilter. Following only a few months of deployment, BioFishency SPB yielded unprecedented results. “The operational workflow is simple and it’s extremely easy to use the system,” said Eafin Project Manager, Zhang Wei. “Our customer saw results almost immediately, with improved and steady fish growth and size. With BioFishency SPB, the customer lowered their labor costs, and dramatically reduced water consumption by 70%.” Wei added, “Today, their production yield is 50% higher than it was prior to integrating BioFishency SPB into their current water treatment system. Not only has production increased, but for our customer, this means shorter time-to-market!”

A highly-efficient Full Water Treatment (FWT) system, BioFishency SPB is an innovative, all-in-one, plug and play biological filter for ammonia removal, designed for existing and new RAS developments. Easy to install and operate, BioFishency SPB converts a flow through set up into a RAS system, uses only 20% of the water required, and delivers higher quality of discharged water, with an exceptionally small carbon footprint.

According to Wei, with BioFishency SPB, the customer reported on how easy the system was to learn and use, without requiring any advanced technical expertise. When asked to comment on customer support and service, the customer attributed the project’s success to the “very responsive, and efficient BioFishency China team.” Eafin Aquatech foresees a long and fruitful relationship with BioFishency China, with plans to further integrate additional BioFishency solutions into their portfolio.

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