Greentown, Hangzhou, China



Greentown China Holdings Limited (Greentown), headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, is one of the leading privately held residential property developers in China, and the largest property developer in Zhejiang Province. Dedicated to sustainable development projects and green construction, Greentown is actively involved in rural renewal initiatives, agriculture, aquaculture, tourism and travel, healthcare, and other ecological and commercial projects.



Among its many initiatives, Greentown is focused on delivering sustainable aquaculture projects aimed at growing, harvesting, and marketing eco-friendly California Perch or Largemouth Bass, two of China’s most popular fish for both local and global consumption. To support its commitment to sustainability, and meet government regulations to lower the carbon footprint, the team at Greentown sought out a viable leading partner who could best support their RAS aquaculture farming projects.

Scanning the local market for a water treatment system to complement their existing and new RAS developments, they were introduced to BioFishency China, and shown a demo of BioFishency SPB™, a highly-sustainable biological filter for comprehensive ammonia removal in water. Greentown’s Head of Operations, Man Gavin, commented, “We needed to respond to the government’s demand for sustainable development. In terms of water-saving and low-energy consumption processes.”



Gavin and his team quickly progressed, and installed the BioFishency SPB water treatment system at one of their customer’s RAS fish farms. Ideal for use with sea and fresh warm water species, BioFishency SPB is designed for fish growing developments with water restrictions, low water quality, or to increase productivity, with minimal investment. “Because SPB is an all-in-one plug and play system, installation was fast and seamless, and we had it up and running in no time,” said Gavin. “It’s so easy to operate, and it doesn’t require any technical skills at all. Other systems we’ve used have been far more complex, and less effective.”

For Greentown, BioFishency SPB now serves as the company’s flagship demo for its customers and prospects, to showcase true innovation with SPB’s advanced water and resource saving technologies. “Working with the team at BioFishency China has not only been a collaboration on SPB projects, it’s also opened the doors to future smart agriculture and ‘green’ initiatives,” added Gavin. “For us, BioFishency went beyond standard system installation, something we don’t typically see from other vendors. We were given expert-led training, post-sales support and service, and even recommendations on the best species and how to grow them, by implementing the ‘right’ growth protocols – and that’s good business!”

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