abuja, nigeria

blaid farm

abuja, nigeria


This fully integrated farm is located in Kuje, an urban area near Abuja, Nigeria. There were major challenges that the BioFishency team faced with this installation (and other installations in Africa):

  • Remote areas are distant from existing utility infrastructure (water/electricity)
  • Frequent power failures require a plan/design that included several backups
  • Irregular transportation schedules affect deliveries and shipping
  • Local farmers/growers lack technical know-how

Another challenge was implementing a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) for tilapia in a country that consumes and grows mainly African catfish.

the engagement

Biofishency supplied a complete RAS system for tilapia production for the local market. The Blaid Farm site is using the BioFishency-treated discharge water from the RAS400 for irrigation in other locations (resulting in nearly 100% water re-use).

the outcome

The Blaid Farm has been operating for almost two years, successfully growing tilapia for the local market.

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