Suzhou Blue Town Travel Co., Ltd. – Wujiang, Jiangsu, China



Situated in Wujiang county, Jiangsu, China, Suzhou Blue Town Travel (BlueTown), is a pioneer in the development of small towns in China. The company has been dedicated to sustainable small-town development, planning, and construction for over two decades, delivering comprehensive services ‘for a better life’ via healthcare, education, industry, commerce, and property management. In 2021 and 2022, BlueTown was deemed the “Leading Enterprise in China’s Real Estate Government Construction and Operations,” and from 2016 to 2021, awarded the “Leading Enterprise in China’s Real Estate Urbanization Operation.”



For the team at BlueTown, high-density aquaculture systems are an integral part of their project planning and development, to save on valuable water resources and costs, and implement water treatment solutions to not only accelerate their processes, but also effectively remove ammonia, nitrogen, and nitrites from water.

To better support and complement the company’s RAS-based fish farms in the region, and yield a year-round harvest of healthier fish, BlueTown sought after a viable water treatment system for comprehensive ammonia removal. “At BlueTown, we are strongly committed to sustainable processes,” commented Project Manager, Mr. Wei. “For us, this means not only reducing water usage, but also lowering the carbon footprint in the process.”

Wei and his team were introduced BioFishency China, and reference customers who noted the value-added benefits of BioFishency SPB™, an advanced single-pass biofiltering system. “Through and through, SPB was the ideal system for us, said Wei. “Especially here in China, where government regulations deem reduced water use and ammonia discharge in water systems, as critical, we knew that SPB would do the job!”



For BlueTown, implementing BioFishency SPB at its company’s sites has enabled them to proudly showcase innovation – highly-advanced aquaculture farming technology that can potentially attract new customers, and new residents in BlueTown’s small-town developments. “We also commend BioFishency China for their project design and planning, and their pre- and post-sales support and service. We look forward to a continued relationship with BioFishency, to help us save on water use, manpower, and energy on future joint projects.”

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