Xinjiang Xinken Modern Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. – Xinjiang, China



Xinjiang Xinken Modern Agriculture Development (Xinjiang Xinken), is a state-owned enterprise located in Aksu Shaya County, Xinjiang, China. With advanced agriculture as the cornerstone of its business, Xinjiang Xinken provides comprehensive services for “smart” standardized seedling greenhouses in the region. The company’s modern agriculture facilities are designed and developed to provide a viable livelihood and income for local residents, and enable them to be self-sufficient in the production of a variety of vegetables and other produce, with many greenhouses able to accommodate 2.5 million seedlings.



As a developing agricultural country with a large population, China ranks first in the world in the production of cereals, cotton, fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs and fishery products, where “water” is a critical component, playing an important role in food security. A forward-thinking company, Xinjiang Xinken were keen to not only develop and grow their business, but to consistently save on water use, and enhance water re-use in their customer’s greenhouses, and implement both sustainable and profitable resource-saving systems.

Intent on delivering more sustainable and efficient processes to their customers, Xinjiang Xinken scanned the local market for a low cost, entry-level RAS water treatment solution that they could easily deploy at their small to mid-size RAS facilities. “From the first BioFishency SPB™ system demo, we knew it would be a good fit for our business and our customers,” said Xinjiang Xinken General Manger, Mr. Chu. “We needed a full water treatment system that would not only be easy to install, but also easy to learn and operate, especially for users without any technical skills.”

An all-in-one, plug and play biological filter, BioFishency SPB converts a flow through set up into a RAS system, to support ammonia, CO2 and solids removal, while enriching 02 throughout the process. The system uses only 20% of the water used in flowthrough systems, delivering a higher quality of discharged water, and a small carbon footprint. Chu was enthusiastic from the get-go, and with the help of BioFishency China’s implementation team, worked towards installing the first BioFishency SPB system at a customer’s greenhouse.



For Chu and his team, BioFishency SPB – delivered, by dramatically reducing the customer’s water costs for daily production by 60%. “This is real value for money, the likes of which, we’ve never seen before,” said Chu. “Beyond the cost-savings, because the system is so fast and efficient in ammonia removal, the customer also saved on production and delivery time, by bringing high-quality produce to their end-customers, on time and on budget.”

At Xinjiang Xinken, the most powerful advantage of greenhouse farming, is that it enables effective management, and reduces risks caused by unfavorable, often very tough weather conditions in the region. “BioFishency SPB has helped our customers become more efficient and more productive, generating high ROI in a very short period,” said Chu. “We are confident that we will install additional BioFishency solutions at customer sites, and continue to partner with BioFishency China for many years to come.”

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