Zhejiang Zhongxin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. – Wujiang, China



Located in Wujiang, Zhejiang Zhongxin Agricultural Technology (Zhongxin), is a leading local provider of the design, planning, and construction of modern agricultural greenhouses and planting equipment, and aquaculture facilities, specifically, small to mid-size RAS developments with water restrictions, low water quality, or with limited infrastructure and resources.



In an effort to improve their existing RAS-based aquaculture systems, and promote new RAS developments, Zhongxin knew that purchasing an advanced water treatment system was at the top of their list. According to CEO, Yang Xianhua, “We are committed to providing customers with full solutions that enhance fish quality, and increase production yield, with a year-round harvest of healthier fish, particularly in high-density fish farming.” Xianhua added, “We also knew we needed a full water treatment system that would use less water, clean it from toxins and pollutants, and enable us to reuse the discharged water, to save on valuable water resources, and overall costs.”

BioFishency China introduced Xianhua and his team to BioFishency SPB™, an advanced single-pass biofiltering system for comprehensive ammonia and solids waste removal. After seeing BioFishency SPB in action at a reference customer site, Xianhua was eager to get on board. “What we witnessed was something completely new, and more reliable and more efficient than standard biofiltering systems,” commented Zhongxin Technical Manager, Liu Qinglon. “Other systems require a long build time, with high operational costs, and are less effective in cold water, but it was BioFishency’s simple, all-in-one plug and play system that helped us close the deal!”

Following exceptionally fast installation at one of Zhongxin customer’s sites, the team also commented on how easy it was to learn and operate the system, with the help of BioFishency China’s implementation team. “They were with us every step of the way,” said Qinglon. “During system installation and operation, the BioFishency team gave us professional support that helped us avoid making critical errors along the way.”



A robust entry-level system, with low costs, maintenance, and energy consumption, BioFishency SPB is suitable for small to mid-size RAS projects, by converting a flow through set up into a RAS system, to support ammonia, CO2 and solids removal, while enriching O2 throughout the process. “Once it was up and running, our customer saw almost immediate results, saving 80% in water usage, and an increase to 35Kg/m3 of water, combined with a higher quality of discharged, recyclable water, reducing overall pollution, with a very small footprint,” said Xianhua.

“Measurable added-value is not only in the resource savings, but it’s also in the quality of the product itself,” commented Qinglon. “Our customer reported a marked increase in fish health and quality, growth density, a far greater production yield, and faster time-to-market!”

Primed and ready to partner with BioFishency China on future projects, Xianhua added, “This high level of technology is the recirculating aquaculture system of the future, and we are confident, that with BioFishency SPB, we will attract more customers, and open the doors to new business opportunities.”

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